Being on the road is great…and now it’s even easier with the RedVision Total Vehicle Management System
from REDARC. Winner of the ‘Good Design Award’ Australia, RedVision introduces a new level of automation to the caravanning and 4WD industries. It brings information and control right to your fingertips.

Michael Ellem is one of Australia’s foremost professional 4x4 photographers. When this twenty-five year veteran of photography goes bush he can leave nothing to chance, because his reputation depends on being able to get ‘the money shot’ every time. Not surprisingly, Michael harnessed REDARC’s RedVision Total Vehicle Management System, Manager30 battery management system and 3000 watt inverter to power his passion, creativity and livelihood.

“Our power demands are extremely high and crucial to every shoot. So I need to understand what’s going on in the back of my Mighty 79 Camera Truck, to know how much power I have, how much I’m using and how much power I’m creating,” explains Michael.

In remote locations Michael relies on being able to power cameras, lighting, drones and power-hungry computer systems in addition to his fridge, oven and much in-demand full coffee machine.

“The RedVision system is extremely easy to use. 
I wanted something that was easy to understand. After all, I’m a photographer, not an electrical engineer. 
Now at a quick glance, I can see battery and water levels. At the touch of a button I can analyse power coming in and power going out. This is critical to knowing how long I’ll be able to shoot for, and how many camera, lighting or drone batteries I can charge. I can even look into the history of our power usage. It’s absolutely amazing.”

REDARC assisted in calculating Michael’s power usage and designing his system and he never visits a 4WD show without shooting the breeze with REDARC staff. “They’re always extremely helpful with any questions I have,” says Michael.

Michael can turn various lights, set up throughout the truck’s service body, on and off via RedVision and even has a display panel on the left and right side of the service body, so its information is easily accessible. 

The REDARC Manager30 handles the charging of all batteries, even deciding where the charging power comes from. “The Manager30 distributes charge from the 300 watts of solar on the truck’s roof, or from the alternator as I drive, or from 240v if I plug into power. It can also utilise a combination of these power systems to ensure charging is kept up to the efficient levels,” says Michael.

“I absolutely love how easy this set up makes my life as a photographer. It creates confidence to do what I do best - create great imagery. I photograph and film remotely and depend 100% on the reliability of cameras, drones and lighting. My creativity stops without power.”

Being on the road is great…and now it’s 
even easier with the RedVision Total Vehicle 
Management System from REDARC. 

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