Introducing REDARC’s SmartCharge range by DEFA. A range of very smart AC Battery Chargers and accessories available in 4,6,8 and 10 amp variants. SmartCharge! Just plug it in, clip it on, turn it on. 

Take charge of your battery’s health

Just like humans, batteries are prone to getting run down in winter. The hundreds of thousands of flat battery call-outs across Australia each year - most in winter - are testament to that. 

Why winter? Well, in summer, batteries don’t have to work that hard. But cold weather takes its toll on batteries, slowing down their chemical reactions. To make matters worse, cold batteries discharge faster than hot ones. And as they rundown, quickly reach the point where they can’t do their job. 

Luckily REDARC got the smarts and teamed up with DEFA to release their SmartCharge range. These smart AC battery chargers and accessories - available in 4,6,8 and 10 amp variants - will keep your 12-volt vehicle battery healthy, fully charged and ready to go.

SmartCharge works on all batteries including lithium. Simply plug it in, clip it on and turn it on. The multi-stage charging process means you can leave it connected for long periods without cooking the battery.

SmartCharge is shockproof, spark-proof and protected against reverse polarity. The instructions are on the unit and there’s even a warning light if things aren’t right. That’s smart. The LED battery icon conveniently displays the state of charge. This clever unit even recognises the type of battery you’re connecting to and adjusts the charging process to suit the battery’s charge status, size and temperature conditions. 

Super smart accessories

REDARC makes charging even smarter with accessories that can be permanently connected to your battery. They make your life a whole lot easier because you don’t have to fiddle around with hard-to-reach batteries - like motorbikes and jet skis - to connect SmartCharge. All accessories show the battery charge level with a red, yellow or green light. 

12V Charging cable with clamps
12V Charging cable with ring terminals
12V Charging Kit
Plug it in. Clip it on. Turn it on.

REDARC’s SmartCharge by DEFA.
A range of very smart AC Battery Chargers.

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